#MaritimeHistory: The Story of Chilli Pepper Chilli pepper. Image Source: The Spruce Chilli peppers (aka 'chilli', 'chili', 'chile') are an integral part of Indian, African, South-east Asian and Chinese cooking today. Some people know that the chilli is a native plant of Mexico. It belongs to the capsicum family. Some also know that it was … Continue reading

#TheSilkRoad: The Journey of the Pipa Flying apsara or jiyue with a pipa, Early Tang dynasty, Mogao Caves, along the Silk Road. Image Source: China NCPA Listen to the beautiful strains of the pipa. Let it take you back in time, when it kept travellers company on the Silk Road. Picture the caravanserais of Samarkand … Continue reading

#MaritimeHistory: The Belitung Shipwreck - Part I The Belitung Shipwreck site. Neatly stacked Changsha ceramic bowls in the mounds. Photograph by M. Flecker. Image Source: Antiques and the Arts In August 1998, a few Indonesian fishermen were diving for sea cucumber off the Indonesian island of Belitung when something unusual caught their eye. Poking through … Continue reading

#Sanskrit: Origins of 'Satrap' Azara Herm bust of Alexander the Great, housed in Louvre, Paris. Sculpted by Lysippus, it is the only known portrait of Alexander commissioned by himself. Image Source: Livius.org The Macedonian king, Alexander the Great, ruled over a vast territory from 336 to 323 BCE. At its greatest, this Greek empire stretched … Continue reading